Why Is This Book The Quickest Way For
Rapidly Increasing Your Sales?
  • 30 years of real world experience selling millions of dollars of goods and services, in multiple industries

  • Combined with the very best of over 200 sales books, audios and manuals & systems I studied before writing

  • Fun and entertaining, with short chapters and audio segments for quick and easy learning anytime!

  • Proven results, from today’s world, people
    love it!

Is This The Best Sales Book Ever?

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           There are thousands of sales superstars who will swear that it is, but they didn’t all start out as superstars!

           Many were just like me when they discovered the principles outlined in this program, a small business owner or commissioned salesperson flat broke and living on credit cards just trying to survive.

           In these troubled times there is nothing more important to your business, career and indeed survival, than to make your sales effort astonishingly more effective than any of your competitors!

     And here's the best part…

              It's not hard, it's not expensive, it takes no previous sales talent and I guarantee YOU, it will be the greatest return on investment you experience in your entire life.

Flat Broke and Living on Credit Cards


           Twenty something years ago, in the middle of another recession, I was sitting in my small karate school, in Irvine California, about to go bankrupt. I sat there starring at a yellow legal pad trying to figure my way out of the hole. I was working twelve hours a day, six days a week, had a good product, a decent location and the energy and passion of youth, but I was still about to close the doors… (Yea I know it cliché but it’s 100% factual, as my wife will attest)

           Why was I  going broke?

           Suddenly it hit me like a tons of bricks, I was going broke for one simple reason, I didn't have enough customers!

           And I didn't have enough customers, I concluded, because I didn't know nearly enough about professional sales or marketing techniques. That's when I started my crusade to find out everything I could about sales and marketing. I read every book, bought every tape and attended ever seminar that came to town. I invested in hundreds of books and spent thousands of dollars I didn’t have on audios.

           Armed with all this information and in the space of just a few short weeks, an astonishing transformation occurred in my business and indeed my life.

           I went from eking out a living making less than $1,500 a month, to making as much as $20,000, in a single month. Which twenty years ago, at twenty something years of age, was serious money from an 1148 Sq ft karate school!

Here's the Most Astonishing Part Though…


          The improvements I made to my sales presentation were simple, (in most cases just a few words) but they made a HUGE difference to my income!

          For example:

           On the back of my sales and marketing program, I took that single failing school into a national chain of over 400 units in just seven years!  

           Sales & Marketing became so much of a passion that I eventually sold my karate business and built several more multi million-dollar businesses including an ad agency and a marketing software company.

           Along the way I have sold or taught people how to sell almost everything including:

  • Professional services
  • Franchises
  • Real estate
  • Cars, boats and RV’s
  • Financial products
  • Software
  • Speaking & consulting
  • Lessons and schools
  • Memberships
  • Meeting space
  • Hotel rooms and vacation packages
  • A/C, water conditioning, carpets and home services
  • Golf carts
  • Hard goods, soft goods, retail, B2B
  • And much more… 


What makes this sales book
so different and so much
more effective at generating
superior sales performance?

1) It’s Fun and Entertaining, So People Actually Learn!

          Unlike many sales books which could bore a monk to tears you’ll actually find yourself looking forward to the next chapter. It’s crammed full of entertaining stories and insightful examples from the real world of selling so the message sticks! Easy to read or listen to, you can stop and start anytime as every lesson is in a bite size segments, short, potent and to the point so you can quickly find the exact information you are looking for to boost your sales.


2) Real world, today’s world, information.

         This is not about selling pots and pans door to door in the 60’s, used cars in the 70’s or computer sales in the 80’s this is real world 2013 information that you can put to instant use to double or triple your sales performance. This program was not written by an academic or sales trainer, long since out of the work place, but by a self made millionaire who still hits the phones and offices everyday just like you do!

3) Selling - Out Sell Everyone, Includes the Very Best Information I Gleaned from Almost Every Great Sales Book, Audio or Training System Ever Produced!

         In addition to my real world experience I have I bought and read just about every sales book, audio and sales system in print on my quest for sales excellence. So not only does Selling – Out Sell Everyone contain all my knowledge, but it is also an awesome combination of all the best ideas I have gleaned from the hundreds of top sales books, audios and training programs that I have invested in over the years.

         I have personally invested over $20,000 on over 200 books, tapes and sales systems including: Hopkins, Tracy, Ziglar, Girrad, Gitimor, Carniage and I have studied them all.

4) Results, That’s What It’s Really All About!

         And I have thousands of success stories for just about every type of business you can imagine in twenty different countries;

"Hey Andrew just wanted to once again say thank you so much for your influence in my sales life. I have now reached my 1million dollar sales goal for this year. I have increased my sales by over $250,000 in one year after reading your sales book. Your concepts are the only way to sell Michigan's most spectacular resort. Thank you for helping archive my life goals. Now looking to blow away the next goal $1,750,000 in sales."
- Allan Ballard, Michigan


“The greatest thing about this program is it doesn’t feel like a sales program. The examples are so entertaining that you forget how much great information you are actually learning!”
Sue Flockhart, Equestrian Sales, FL

"In my opinion quite simply the best sales program ever written & recorded and the only one you'll ever need. Cunningly Clever Selling is packed full of wonderful ideas to make MORE sales happen, NOW!"-
Barry Owens, CEO, Treetops, MI

"As a sales manager, whose read ALL the sales books, listened to all the audios and been to all the seminars, I still found the new and practical concepts in this program, BRILLIANT!"
-Kevin Strom, Sales Manager, FL

"The presentation chapter alone had so many great and usable techniques that I'd never considered to improve our sales pitch, I was astonished! After 30 years you can teach an old dog new tricks!"
Terry Inslee, CEO, Mid America Plastic Systems, MO

"A must listen for anyone, selling anything looking for a rapid increase in sales!" 
Dermot Dalton, CEO, Golf Services, Dublin, Ireland

5No Risk To You With Our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee!


If you don’t agree this is the best sales book ever simply send it back within 90 days for a prompt and courteous refund!

         With our Ironclad Money Back Guarantee you have nothing to lose and ten’s of thousands of dollars to gain from the exciting, practical and proven information in this book.

         You’ll have three full MONTHS to decide… if this works for you!

         If you don't agree that the information and strategies contained in Selling - Out Sell Everyone are worth ONE THOUSAND TIMES THE COVER PRICE in cold hard cash to you or your business simply send it back for a full refund.

         Invest now and maximize your income immediately!

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All the best,
Andrew Wood
Author & CEO
Legendary Marketing

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Andrew Wood has Passion For Maximizing Sales!

          Born in Oxford, England and growing up in the Midlands near Shrewsbury, Andrew Wood immigrated to America in 1980 to peruse a career as a professional golfer. Unfortunately lack of talent held him back and he accidently found himself running a small karate school in Southern California. After struggling to survive for 18 months as a small business owner he decided to focus all his attention on marketing. This focus soon paid off and he quickly increased his income to six figures while still in his twenties.

         His initial interest in marketing turned into a passion and he quickly turned the single school into a national franchise of over 400 units. After selling out of the karate business in the late 90’s he move to Florida where he founded Legendary Marketing, a business designed to combine his passion for golf and travel with his marketing expertise. Legendary quickly built a name for itself in the golf industry with innovative websites, social media and online campaigns. Now their clients extend far beyond that industry and indeed far beyond the USA with clients in Canada, the UK, Spain, Russia and Morocco to name just a few.

         Author of over 20 sales and marketing books including; Cunningly Clever MarketingCunningly Clever SellingCunningly Clever Entrepreneur and The Golf Marketing Bible. He is considered the world’s leading expert in golf, resort and real estate marketing and spoken to thousands of audiences worldwide on this and other topics from his books.  A pioneer in internet marketing his creative talent, out of the box ideas and copywriting skills are at the core of his expertise. Regarded as one of the top marketing minds in the world his ability to generate leads and increase income are the key to his client’s successes!

         In his spare time he travels the world, plays golf & tennis, writes books and occasionally races cars!

Contact: Andrew Wood, Directly @ 352-266-2099
[email protected]